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Lords of India

1.Lord Canning(1856-1862)
Lord Canning

  • Establishment of three universities at Calcutta,Madras and Bombay.
    • Last Governor general and First Viceroy of India
    •  Doctrine of lapse was withdrawn.
    • Indian Councils Act was passed in  1861.

Lord Mayo, Viceroy Of India
Lord Mayo

2.Lord Mayo (1869-1872)
  •  fourth Viceroy of India
  • He organized the statistical survey of india
  • Established the Rajkotcollege at Katiyarwar and mayo college at Ajmer.
  • For the first time in Indian history ,a census was held in 1871
  • Was the only viceroy  to be murded in office by a Pathan convict in the Andamans in 1872.

3. Lord Lytton(1876-1880)

Lord Lytton
  • Known as the viceroy to reverse character.
  • passed the infamous Vernacular press Act(1878)

4. Lord Lipon(1880-1884)

  •  Father of Local self Government.
  • passed the Libert Bill.

5.Lord Curzon(1899-1905) 

Lord Curzon

  • Aurangaseb of British India
  • Partitioned Bengal
  • Established Archaeological survey of India.

Lord Minto


6.Lord Minto (1905-1910)
  •  Lala lajpat Rai ,Ajith Singh,and Balgangadara Thilak were sent to Mandalay jail in Burma.

7. Lord Chelmsford(1916-1921)

Lord Chelmsford
  •  The government of India Act in 1919(Montague Chelmsford reforms) was passed .
  • Rowlett act of 1919;Jallianwala Bagh massacre(April 13 1919)
  • A womens University was found at Punna in 1916.

8.Lord Irwin( 1926-1931)

  •  Simmon Commision visited in India at 1928.
  • Congress passed the Indian Resolution in 1929.
  • Dandhi March(March 12 ,1930)
  • First Round table Conference held in England 1930.
  • Lord Irwin
  • Gandhi-Irwin Pact (March 5 ,1931) was signed.

9. Lord Linlithgow(1936-1944)

    Lord Linlithgow

  •  Crips mission in 1942.
  • Quit India Movement(August 8 ,1942)

10.Lord Mountbatten(March 1947- August 1947)

  • Last viceroy of British India.
  •  First governor general of free India.
  • Partition of India decided by June 3 plan .
  • indian Independence Act passed .
  • Retired in June 1948 was succeed by Rajagopalachari.
Note :Rajagopalachary -the first and last Indian Governor general of free India.

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