Tuesday, 4 December 2012

LDC 2007 (English)

1.The sun -------------in the east
2.I am always  ----trouble with my neighbors
3.Beggars cannot be\--
4.He went to ---------------college to repair the furniture
5.Jisha came yesterday-----------?
=didn’t she
6.Can you ----me your pen
7.The message -------be sent only if his father dies
=ought to
8.I have been reading this book -------------the beginning of the year
9.If Mary hard warned him ,Tom---------------kept his word
=would have
10.The meaning of jaunt is
A short trip
11.Impertinent means
12.Just as I –------on my rain coat the rain stopped.
=was putting
13.I am looking forward to ----------from you
14.Eat moderately -------you will fall sick
15.I don’t understand what you were talking-----------
16.rabia could not ------her fer of spiders
=put away
17.deaf is to Ear as Lame is to----
18.Opposite of the word sober is
19.Opposite of the word Chaos is

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