Tuesday, 15 January 2013

History Questions for PSC Exams

Frequently asked History Questions for PSC Exams

1) The only Muslim dynasty of Kerala
Ans - Arakkal
2) The language from by the combination of Persian and Hindi
Ans) Urdu
3) The year of Kalinga War
Ans - BC 261
4) The place which is important for Christian, Jews and Muslims
Ans - Jerusalem
5) The Numeric system which do not used Zero
Ans - Roman
6) Who was the Prime minister of Briton when India got independence
Ans - Clement Atiley
7) Who what the president of Indian National Congress during Indian independence
Ans - J B Kripalani
8) Which is the biggest convention in Asia
Ans - Maramon convention
9) The sculpture of Cochin sea port
Ans - Robert Bristo
10) Who started the 20 item program in India
Ans - Indira Gandhi

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