Saturday, 19 January 2013

United Nations Facts

Frequently asked PSC questions about United Nations

1) Head Quarters of United Nations
Ans - New York

2) UN Emerged in the year
Ans 1945 October 24

3) United Nations day is observed on
Ans - October 24

4) Who is the current Secretary General of United Nations
Ans - Ban Ki-moon

5) Number of Member states in United Nations
Ans - 193

6) Principle organs of United Nations
Ans - a) General Assembly
b) Security Council
c) Economic and Social Council
d) Secretariat
e) International Court of Justice
f) United Nations Trusteeship council

7) Which are the official languages of UN
Ans - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
8) Who has coined the name United Nations first time
Ans - Franklin D Roosevelt

9) First Secretary General of UN
Ans - Trygve Lie of Norway - February 2nd 1946 November 1952

10) First Asian secretary General to United Nations
Ans - U Thant - Burma during November1961 to 1971

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