Friday, 18 January 2013

General knowledge questions about Indian states 

 frequently asked kerala psc questions



 1. Which place is the capital of Meghalaya ?
Answer: Shillong

2. What is the meaning of name Meghalaya ?
Answer: Abode of Clouds

3. Which place is known as Scotland of East ?
Answer: Shillong

4. Which is the state animal of Meghalaya ?
Answer: Clouded Leopard

5. Which is the state bird of Meghalaya ?
 Answer: Hill Myna
state bird of meghalaya

6. Which is the official state flower of Meghalaya ?
 Answer: Lady Slipper Orchid
official state flower of Meghalaya

7. Number of district in the state Meghalaya ?
Answer: Seven

8. Where is the headquarters of Assam Rifles (oldest paramilitary force)?
Answer: Shillong

9. Which is the Indian state that have no Railway line ?
Answer: Meghalaya

10. Which Indian State have highest decadal growth rate of Population ?
Answer: Meghalaya

11. What is the new name of Cherrapunji ?
Answer: Sohra

12. Where is India's Second largest river Island situates (Worlds largest one is Majuli in Brahmaputra river)?
Answer: Nongkhnum (Meghalaya)

13. Who is the Present Chief Minister of Meghalaya ?
Answer: Mukul Sangma

Present Chief Minister of Meghalaya

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