Saturday, 19 January 2013

PSC Questions about the World History

(kerala psc frequently asked questions )

  • What is "Boston Tea Party"? 
Answer:- The British Parliament which lacked important and recognition in American colonies enforced payment of tax over the colonies , through certain rigid rules. This finally resulted in the American war of Independence.
  • The first president of Philippines? 
 Answer: Ramon Magsaysay
  • The first president of Indonesia?  
Answer: Dr. Sukarno
  • Name of the country which attacked India in 1962?
 Answer: China
  • The headquarters of the U.N? 
Answer: Genoa.
  • Name of the countries unitedly known as G-3 -
 Answer: The U.S.A, European Union and Japan
  • Who discovered America? 
Answer: Christopher Columbus
  • Which country is called the Land of Smile? 
Answer: Thailand
  • The country which owns the most established newspaper in the world?
 Answer: Japan
  • Who become the king of Iraq at the age of 3 after his father's death?
 Answer: Faisal
  • In which country did the Industrial Revolution first take place? 

Answer: England
  • The name of the Russian Parliament?
Answer: Dumas
  • Name the book written by Adolf Hitler?
 Answer: Mein Keif
  • How many passengers were on board when the Titanic Sunk? Answer: 2224
  • The first countries to emerge in Europe? 
Answer: Britain, France
  • The holy franc is the currency of .................?
 Answer: Switzerland
  • Who made the historical Gettysburg speech?
 Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  • The present name of unified Germany?
 Answer: Federal Republic of Germany.

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