Saturday, 20 July 2013

General knowledge mock exam

LDC EXAM Basic General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Arranged in chronological order, which of the following events occured first?
  • (A) French Revolution
  • (B) American War of Independence
  • C) Chinese Revolution
  • (D) Russian Revolution
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2.Akbar’s objective in promulgating Din-i-Hahi was to
  • (A) Unite all religions
  • (B) Win over the Hindu majority
  • (C) Be the religious head
  • (D) Curb the authority of the Mullahs
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3.The state that accounts for the production of the major portion of India’s rubber is ————
  • (A) Kerala
  • (B) Tamil Nadu
  • (C) West Bengal
  • (D) Madhya Pradesh
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4.The biggest epic in the world is the:
  • (A) Ramayana
  • (B) Odyssey
  • (C) Illiad
  • (D) Mahabharata
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5.Codes of conduct of the Vedic society are laid down in which of the following specifically ?
  • (A) Epics
  • (B) Smritis
  • (C) Puranas
  • (D) Vedas
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6.UNICEF is an international body concerned with the welfare of ————
  • (A) Labourers
  • (B) Children
  • (C) Politicians
  • (D) Woman
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7.Which of the following diseases is not a water-borne disease?
  • (A) Cholera
  • (B) Typhoid
  • (C) Asthma
  • (D) Amoebic dysentery
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8.Anna Karenina was written by
  • (A) Tolstoy
  • (B) Wordsworth
  • (C) John Milton
  • (D) Charles Dickens
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9. The law by which people are asked to submit to Government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is:
  • (A) FERA
  • (B) Customs law
  • (C) Income-tax law
  • (D) TADA
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10. The organ that regulates body temperature in human beings is:
  • (A) Hair
  • (B) Kidney
  • (C) Lungs
  • (D) Skin
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