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Basic GK for All Exams

Basic GK for All Exams

1.Which of the following chemicals is used in the making of photograph?
  • (A) Sodium chloride
  • (B) Silver bromide
  • (C) Aluminium hydroxide
  • (D) Sodium nitrate
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2.A person known as the 'Man of Destiny'?
  • (A) Joseph Stalin
  • (B) Napoleon Bonaparte
  • (C) Roosevelt
  • (D) Hitler
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3. Who, among the following, conquered a large part of China ?
  • (A) Ashoka
  • (B) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
  • (C) Harsha Vardhana
  • (D) Kanishka
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4.“All are equal; some are more equal than others.” Who amongst the following writers made this statement through his book Animal Farm?
  • (A) M.K. Gandh
  • (B) Socrates
  • (C) George Orwell
  • (D) Salman Rushdie
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5. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose organised I.N.A. to
  • (A) attack China
  • (B) help Britain in World War II
  • (C) fight for India's freedom
  • (D) fight against Congress
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6.The latest country which became the member of UNO : (police-constable-2008)
  • (a) Kosovo
  • (b) Montenegro
  • (c) Vatican
  • (d) Haiti
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7.The European country which first started trade with India was :
  • (a) France
  • (b) Holland
  • (c) Portugal
  • (d) England
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8.Which country has longest school year in the world?
  • (a) Japan
  • (b) Russia
  • (c) China
  • (d) Germany
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9.Puducherry is a former .................. colony.
  • (a) British
  • (b) Vietnam
  • (c) French
  • (d) German
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10.The International Tourism year :
  • (a) 1957
  • (b) 1967
  • (c) 1977
  • (d) 1987
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