Thursday, 11 June 2015

kerala psc BDO mock exam

PSC DEGREE Level Mock EXAM (secretariat assistant,BDO,panchayat secretary,deputy collector,sub inspector of police  etc)

Current affair question and answer

1.The footballer who scored maximum number of goals in the world cups
  • (A) Lionel messi
  • (B) Diego Maradona
  • (C)Miroslav Klose
  • (D) Yogan Klinsman
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2. The 20th common wealth games held in Glasco recently.Where is it
  • (A) Scottland
  • (B) England
  • (C) Holland
  • (D)Spain
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3.The period of the 12th year plan in INDIA
  • (A)1982-1987
  • (B) 2007-2012
  • (C)2002-2007
  • (D) 2012-2017
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4.The autobiography of former foriegn minister Natwar singh which attained popular attention recently
  • (A) Vulgarness of politics
  • (B) The broken wings
  • (C) One life is not enough
  • (D) My struggles
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5. How many districts include in Telangana states
  • (A)10
  • (B) 13
  • (C) 23
  • (D) 12
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