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kerala psc mock exam,

LDC EXAM Basic General Knowledge Questions And Answers

 Exam Details - Kerala PSC - LD Clerk (LDC) Exams Practice Tests 2014

Our Kerala PSC - LD Clerk (LDC) Exams Practice Tests feature allows you to take our practice tests any number of times. The best thing about this practice test is absolutely free.
Are you planning to appear for the PSC exams, especially the LD clerk exams for year 2014? It is a good idea to read general books, browse our general knowldge questions bank and take our practice tests several times.
Our Kerala PSC - LD Clerk (LDC) Exams Practice Tests is great for all graduates looking for a government job in Kerala. At no cost to you, you can take our practice tests any number of times. All you need is a computer and a basic internet connection.

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1.Taxila was a famous site of
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2. Aryabhatta born on
  • (A) 5th century A.D
  • (B) 4th century AD
  • (C) 3rd century A.D
  • (D) 6th century A.D
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3. The father of Chinese Communist Revolution is ––––––
  • (A) Sunyat sen
  • (B) Mao-Tse-Tung
  • (C) Chiang Kaishek
  • (D) Lao-Tse
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4. The author of the book Randamoozham
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5.Which is the colour of the Black Box kept in the aeroplane?
  • (A) Orange
  • (B) Black
  • (C) Red
  • (D) White
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6. Who, amongst the following after marriage, became known as Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir ?
  • (A) Razia Sultana
  • (B) Asmat Begam
  • (C) Ladli Begam
  • (D) Mehr-un-Nisa
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7.Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with:
  • (A) Muscles
  • (B) Lungs
  • (C) Joints
  • (D) Brain
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8.The biggest Public Sector Bank in India is the:
  • (A) Reserve Bank of India
  • (B) State Bank of India
  • (C) Syndicate Bank
  • (D) None of these
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9. The winner of the first Ezhuthachan Puraskar
  • (A) Balamani Amma
  • (B) Prof. S. Guptan Nair
  • (C) Dr. K. M. George
  • (D) Dr. Sooranad Kunjan Pillai
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10.The headquarters of the International Atomic Energy is located in:
  • (A) Paris
  • (B) Washington
  • (C) New York
  • (D) Vienna
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